Who is behind the site? What's the angle? What's the purpose?


Cybersecurity Cares started as a blog post: Things will be weird in cybersecurity for a while.

The idea is simple:

  1. The worldwide coronavirus pandemic is leading to employees working from home.

  2. Bad actors are taking advantage of this trend.

  3. Cybersecurity professionals have to adapt to securing #1 from #2.


We wanted to create a site that shares useful information based on this new reality. That includes:

  • Tips on how to secure information while employees are working from home

  • Links to credible news sources on how cybersecurity teams are dealing with the pandemic

  • Opportunities to give back and to learn


Let's be honest: we don't know what we're doing.


No one was prepared for this pandemic, and we're all trying to figure it out. We're all humans, and that means we should do human things like share, give, and connect. And although this site is meant for cybersecurity professionals, it's really meant for people. That's why you'll find things like links to resources for parents that have to teach their kids while schools are shut down. 


"So," you ask, "how can I help?" 

Easy. Here's how:

  1. Share - Have a great resource you think will be useful? A video that we should embed on our resources page? A webinar that will be valuable to cybersecurity pros? A guide to help parents teach their kids while they're home from school? Amazing. Let us know.

  2. Give - Donate money to a worthy cause. Give your time by doing a webinar on something you are an expert on. Shoot a video and we'll embed it. 


We haven't quite figured this out yet, but we don't want to be super formal. We're currently keeping an up-to-date list of companies that are either giving their tools for free during the pandemic, matching employee donations, donating time and money, etc. 

As we say everywhere, we don't want this to be a marketing stunt. There's plenty of that going on already. We're certainly happy to give credit to companies that are trying to help during this madness, so let us know if there's someone we should give credit to. 


Who is behind this site? Who is the "we"?

The person behind the keyboard right now is Nathan Burke, CMO at Axonius, and this site is created with massive help from the team at Axonius....for now. BUT......

We want this to be a resource, not a marketing campaign. Literally anyone can contribute, and we'll list everyone that is helping here.